Self-employed? A small business owner or real estate investor?

Introducing a revolutionary product that allows you to tap into commercial equity without impacting your first mortgage.

Borrow up to $500,000.
Refinance or equity line or loan.

It’s easy to apply
• Stated income and stated asset
• Simple one-page application

Best rate/fee combo guaranteed!
No up-front fees or appraisal fees.
No title/escrow fees.

What’s eligible?
Gas station < 10 years
Auto sales/repair
Storage facility
Fast food
And more…Retail, office, warehouse
Shopping center, strip mall
Medical facilities
Mixed use
Residential 1-4*
Multi-family 5+
Health club/gym

Must be owner occupied (user) or investor properties.
All legal entities: individuals, sole proprietors, LLCs and corporations.
Property values up to $2 million.

*Residential 1-4 must be vested as a partnership, corporation or LLC.