Reverse Mortgages

Your next step on the path to homeownership is evaluating your financial situation, in order to qualify for the home loan that’s best for your needs.

  1. Know Your Credit Score
  2. Payoff Your Debt
  3. Working with Less-Than-Perfect Credit?
  4. Save for The Future
  5. Become Familiar with All Mortgage Related Terms

Know Your Credit Score
Before you apply for a home mortgage, review your credit report to ensure its accuracy and correct any errors that may exist with the help of a Meridian Real Estate credit professional.

What Impact Does Your Credit Make?
Particularly with the current credit crunch, resolving credit issues in advance can help avoid potential delays during your home loan approval process. If considering buying a new car or other big-ticket item, wait until your loan has closed, before assuming any new loans.

As a potential homebuyer, you generally want to avoid creating any changes in your credit profile during the home buying process. Be aware that your credit history may impact the interest rate charged and the loan type for which you can qualify.

Obtaining Your Credit Score
You can obtain your credit score from a number of qualified reporting services. Here are some of the leading companies that can provide you with a copy of your credit report, often free of charge.

Contact a Meridian Real Estate financing expert for a complete evaluation of your credit status.

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Want to Know More about What Your Credit Score Means?
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Payoff Your Debt
It is a common mistake to focus on saving as much money as possible for your down payment, rather than paying off other debts. In these difficult economic times, a more effective approach is to use extra cash to reduce/eliminate credit card and other high interest consumer debt, even if that means making a smaller down payment on your new home.

Need Tips on How to Reduce Your Debt?
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Working with Less-Than-Perfect Credit?
While evaluating your personal financial picture, be as honest and thorough as possible. It is the best way to secure the home loan that’s just right for you.

If you have less-than-perfect credit, remember that your credit score is simply one factor that Meridian Real Estate considers. There are home loans for nearly every buyer and need, so there is a good chance that you can still qualify for a mortgage that meets your needs.

Interested in Knowing Which Options Are Best for You?
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Save for The Future
As your partner in fulfilling the dream of a lifetime, we’re here to guide you through the home buying process, which begins with personal savings. With current financing options requiring more of many homeowners, saving a little now will go a long way in the not too distant future.

Wish to Start Saving, But Unsure Just How Much You’ll Need For A Down Payment, Escrow And All Associated Costs and Fees?
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Become Familiar with All Mortgage Related Terms
As a first-time homebuyer, mortgage industry terms can be confusing. At Meridian Real Estate Group, we want you to make informed decisions by having a thorough understanding of your financing options throughout the home loan process.

Not Sure What The Difference Is between APR and PMI?
View the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Mortgage Glossary.