Consolidate Your Debt

Trapped in The Cycle of Debt?
At Meridian Real Estate Group, we can provide you with real-time solutions that will help you take control of your financial situation. So, why get trapped in the cycle of debt, when the right debt consolidation loan can offer fast relief?

How Does It Work?
Meridian Real Estate Group will help refinance your home at a lower interest rate, so you can have the cash and flexibility to payoff your high-interest debt. Once you’re approved to refinance, you’ll be on the path to improving your credit and enjoying financial peace of mind.

Want to Consolidate Your Debt with A Competitive Home Loan?
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Payoff Debt with A Fixed-Rate Mortgage.
A fixed-rate mortgage offers an interest rate that does not change for the life of your loan, which is typically 30 years, but can be as few as 10 years.

Why Choose This Option?
A fixed-rate mortgage provides the best security against rising interest rates and higher monthly payments. If you’re not moving or refinancing in the next 10 years, a fixed-rate mortgage may be your best choice. Plus, rates on fixed-rate mortgages remain near historic lows, which means that your mortgage payment will start low and stay low. If you choose to refinance to consolidate your debt, a fixed-rate mortgage will enable you to refinance up to 90% and take cash out.

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